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The Empower Network Pay Plan - big idea mastermind mlm scheme  quick ways to make money

Now all major product launches in the world of internet marketing share pretty much the same characteristics, big idea mastermind they are all “How to” info products or trainings where the promoter is basically telling you “I have made millions online using this system or approach and if you pay me I will show you exactly how I did it”

If you buy the training and study the material you can do the same thing they do and of course have the same financial success. That’s the idea here of course.

If they see it as a missing link to their financial success or if they just want a step by step “how to” guide rather than trying to figure it out themselves.I

have never had a problem with spending money on coaching, specific enterprise versions, or teaching. Besides during my last typical organization I paid for more than $35,000 to get a license payment and three time education intensive concerning how to set-up a prosperous business banking service company.big idea mastermind mlm

The internet marketing world has captured through to this version and there are several individuals marketing education items.

Also the stakes are much better together with the online combined in. I mean there are probably over 1.8 billion people online today and if you can tap even the smallest fraction of that traffic and provide a product they want you can make millions with just your laptop.

Today there are several skilled online marketers that have accomplished just that, and then they and they change package that process into a education, then sell it in size producing more millions in profit.

So, is David Wood in that same league?Humm..

well if he or she is not there yet, he or she is fairly shut.

However, his Empower Network training is not a specific approach but rather a money making system big idea mastermind wrapped around some general core training products that can teach you general online marketing success principles.The

Encourage Network Compensation Plan

This is actually what is getting each of the attention. Once you sign up as a Encourage Network member big idea mastermind team member training, you have a replicated revenue presentation funnel that you could then send out your leads to. sign up as being a Empower System fellow member, you get yourself a duplicated sales presentation funnel that you could then give your potential customers to, .When

these potential customers go ahead and take excursion and pay attention to David Wood and David Sharpe’s demonstration, they are then presented the chance to buy the regular monthly membership for the blogging platform for $25 per month. The up-sell process begins and they are next offered the opportunity to buy in at the next level, the “Inner Circle” training for an additional $100 per month, if they purchase that.

There is yet another up-sell that offers them the Costa Rica training intensive for a one time fee of $500 if they purchase that.

Once added bonus commission payment The money prospective around the Empower Group technique is actually fairly amazing because for every single certified fellow member that purchases to your program you could be generating $125 on a monthly basis in re-occurring profits and also a great $500 .

As the up-sell makes very clear, to receive commissions on your $25 orders you must of course be active on the $25 membership, and if you want to receive the $100 re-occurring commissions you must be also active at that level or the sale your system makes for you will roll up to your sponsor, although now the presentation constantly stresses the fact that you will be receiving 100% commissions on all your sales. The same also accompanies the $500 item, even though Now the presentation constantly stresses the fact that you will be receiving 100% commissions on all your sales.

So, first the sales presentation appeals to your money making side by offering you a 100% commission, (OK let’s be honest here and just call it greed), then the fear of loss clicks in when you realize that if you don’t upgrade to the higher levels you are going to miss those commissions.